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Villanova HR Tea Podcast


HR Tea is a podcast featuring interviews with HR Leaders, Researchers, Students, and Influencers. HR Tea takes trending topics and research in human resources, steeps them for 30 minutes or less and leaves you with fresh-brewed ideas on how to drive high-performing, inclusive organizations and create meaningful work experiences. HR Tea is brought to you by Villanova HRD, the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University.

Season 1
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Season One: "Get Curious About HR"

About the Season: The first season of HR Tea features interviews with HR Leaders, like Jack Templin, President at Affiliated Distributors,  Researchers, like Quinetta Roberson, Students, like Villanova HRD alumni Hallie Thompson and Rita Snell, and Influencers, like Jennifer McClure, co-founder of Disrupt HR. You will hear how curiosity relates to people analytics, about the dark side of diversity and inclusion, and how HR can really make a difference in the lives of employees.  Season one aired on January 22, 2019.

The Host: Season one is hosted by Bethany Adams, Associate Director in the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University.  Connect with Bethany on soc.

The Team: Season one was curated, edited, and produced by Conor Kennedy, Brittany Chapman, and Bethany Adams.  Conor and Brittany were Graduate Assistants in the Graduate Programs in HRD at Villanova University in 2018-2019.  This podcast was a labor of love for this team.  They were all new to the podcasting world but so excited to share all the amazing content curated for the first season.


January 22, 2019

Introducing HR Tea

What does curiosity have to do with people analytics? Is there a dark side to diversity and inclusion? Can human resources really make a difference in the lives of employees? How do these things relate? The answer...HR TEA!


January 22, 2019

Diversity, yes, but...

This episode kicks off our three part mini-series on diversity and inclusion with Quinetta Roberson, Villanova Professor of Management, discussing her research in this space and the "dark side" of diversity work.

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January 22, 2019

Life After Villanova HRD

In this episode, we hear from Hallie and Rita, two Villanova HRD alumni, about how they utilize their HR education in their roles and what they experience has been as a new grad in the HR world.

Jennifer and Bethany picture from SHRM18

January 22, 2019

Be Curious with Jennifer McClure

In our first episode, hear from Jennifer McClure, co-founder of Disrupt HR, on what curiousity has to do with people analytics and how it can shape your career.


January 22, 2019

Work, Family, and LGBTQ Inclusivity

In this episode we hear from Dr. Christian Thoroughgood about his research on creating inclusive organizations for LGBTQ employees and courageous allyship


January 22, 2019

Evidence-based HR...It's Science!

In this episode, we hear from HRD Program Director Gerry Brandon about applying evidence-based HR practices to make your organization more effective.


January 22, 2019

Lessons from SHRM18 Bloggers

In this episode, hear from HR bloggers Keith Enochs, Jazmine Wilkes, and Carlos Escobar, at SHRM18 to discuss their blogs and learnings from SHRM18.


January 22, 2019

Couples and Careers

In the final episode of our diversity and inclusion mini-series, Bethany sits with Dr. Heather Cluley to discuss her research and how couples and decision making relates to diversity and inclusion.

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