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#VUHRD Research Spotlight Series | #VUHRDConversations with Dr. Sawyer & Dr. Thoroughgood on Who wants to follow the leader?

August 16, 2017

 This second installment of the #VUHRD Research Spotlight Series focuses on recent research conducted by Dr. Christian Thoroughgood and Dr. Katina Sawyer, both #VUHRD Assistant Professors at Villanova. The research focuses on leadership, and more specifically, whether or not the leadership styles that employees prefer can be predicted. Do employees prefer a charismatic, ideological, or pragmatic style of leading? Why does this matter? What, as HR practitioners, can we do with this information once we have it? Check out more about the study on our blog post here!


In this #VUHRDConversations, Dr. Thoroughgood & Dr. Sawyer discuss the study and the research below, and what the impact of this research is. How can we flip the lens and consider the impact that leadership styles have on followers - rather than just focusing on the leaders themselves?




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