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Bruce Marable of the Employee Cycle Podcast discusses HR Education with VUHRD Director, Dr. Gerry Br

This year VUHRD connected with Bruce Marable of Employee Cycle through social media. Bruce is co-founder and CEO of Employee Cycle which offers a user-friendly HR dashboard and consulting for small and medium-sized organizations. Employee Cycle turns workforce data into a shareable and informative dashboard, providing real-time insights around the employee life- cycle. VUHRD was thrilled to have Bruce attend our Annual Networking Reception this week to meet us in person! (We couldn't help but snap a selfie with him during the evening!)

Employee Cycle also offers a free HR blog and podcast through their website where they discuss company culture, employee engagement, recruiting, and future trends of HR. Recently, VUHRD Director, Dr. Gerry Brandon was featured on this podcast. Bruce and Gerry discuss how academic programs in HR can prepare future leaders for the changing role of HR in organizations today. Here are a few of the things you will learn from this episode:

  • What you will learn as a graduate student focusing on HR.

  • Why it’s important for HR professionals to not only understand HR but the business as well.

  • The gap between what HR students are learning and the expectations of the employer.

  • How the emotional side of HR cannot be overlooked.

  • How globalization, technology, and analytics have changed the HR curriculum focus.

  • The definition of evidence-based HR and why it’s the future.

Check out that podcast episode here. To connect with Bruce, follow him on Twitter (@BruceMarable) and connect with him on LinkedIn. Check out other episodes of the Employee Cycle podcast here.

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