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HRD Advisor Spotlight | Anna Salvati & Sheila McLaughlin

We're back with another spotlight blog! Today, we sat down with our HRD student advisors, Anna and Sheila, to get to know them better and lear more about their roles in the HRD program!

Sheila with her family

Tell us a little bit about yourself!


I grew up in, and still live in, the Philadelphia area with my husband. I am a Villanova alumna, as are both of our daughters and our son-in-law. I love to be on the move and traveling whenever possible- whether it is to the Jersey Shore, across the country, or across the sea - I am always ready to go!


I grew up in the local area and am a VU alumna twice (UG-Psychology) and (MS-HRD.) My husband and I have three children, and our oldest is in his first year at VSB! I enjoy cooking, reading and traveling.

What brought you to Villanova HRD?


Having worked at different local universities, I was excited to have the opportunity to come “home” to Villanova. My career has always been focused on helping others reaching their full potential and my role in HRD allows me to continue that focus.


I was very excited to have the opportunity to re-join HRD and connect with our students while circling back to my HR roots.

Tell us about your current role and how you support HRD students.

Sheila and Anna

We are the two HRD Assistant Directors of Student Services/ Advisors in HRD. We support students in HRD by helping them access the information and resources they need to be successful in the program. We do our best to provide support to our students throughout their time in the program.

Anna and her family in Key West, FL

What is your favorite part of the job?


My favorite part of my job is working as part of a supportive team whose goal is to support students in their success!


I enjoy working with our students as they navigate through all of life’s challenges and especially seeing them successfully graduate!


Anna Salvati, MSHRD and Sheila McLaughlin are Academic Advisors and the Assistant Directors of Student Services for the Villanova HRD program. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn here! Connect with Sheila on LinkedIn here!

With any questions regarding the Villanova HRD program, contact either Anna or Sheila at or


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