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Understanding Intersectionality with Evan Thornburg | #VillanovaHRTea

The second episode of Season 3 of #VillanovaHRtea has officially dropped on iTunes and Google Play! In this episode, you will hear from Evan Thornburg, Health Equity Special Advisor for the City of Philadelphia. Evan will share why intersectionality is more than just a buzz word for DEI efforts. If we are truly going to build more inclusive cultures, we need to talk about inclusion holistically and remember that our employees bring more than a singular experience into the workplace.


"The stark difference between being an ally and being an accomplice is an ally is somebody who will go buy the t-shirt, they'll take a picture, but mostly their world stays intact. An accomplice is willing to take personal risks and risk challenging others to change. The difference is, I appreciate you wearing that shirt, but it is performative and it does stop very, very short."

--Evan Thornburg


After you listen to the episode, connect with Evan and check out some of the HR related resources we mention throughout the episode.

  • Connect with Evan on LinkedIn!

  • Check out the full interview featuring Evan about the importance of inclusivity, intersectionality, and accomplish-ship here.


Stay tuned to the blog or social media to not miss an episode. Give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram @VillanovaHRtea! As always, we would love to hear what you thought of this episode and how you plan to incorporate your ideas into your organization or own life. Share your thoughts here or through social media using #VillanovaHRtea.



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