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A Night of Networking & Learning

The 2019 #VUHRDANR

2019 Villanova HRD Annual Networking Reception

Keynote Speaker STEVE BROWNE 

Monday, April 15, 2019 | 5:30PM-8:30PM

Location: The Inn at Villanova | 601 County Line Road

Each year, the Villanova Graduate HRD Program invites students, alumni, faculty and our local HR community to join us for a night of networking & learning.   We hope you will join us in April for this event!

Steve Browne.jpg


Vice President of HR at LaRosa's,

Member of SHRM Board of Directors 

To learn more about student events held throughout the year, visit our VUSHRM page here.  To see all the event information from some of our previous Annual Networking Receptions, click the year: 2016, 2017, 2018


Guests of the 2018 Annual Networking Reception participated in a social impact project benefiting Dawn's Place.  Guests made fleece-tie blankets that were donated with a matching sheets set for the women of Dawn's Place.

Speakers from the 2016 Annual Networking Reception included: Andy Ellwood, Carla Cringle, Carol Hatton-Holmes, Imogen Pudduck, and Todd Corley.  Check out their bios on our 2016 event page.

Our Keynote Speaker for the 2018 ANR was Grady Lee, CEO of Give2Get.  Read more about Grady on the 2018 event page.

Andy Ellwood, Tera Hogen & Bethany Adams networking during the 2016 event.
Tera joined the event via iPad Robot to network with guests after her breakout session.

Our 2018 ANR hosts, Conor Kennedy & Emma Edoga, VUHRD Graduate Assistants

The Graduate Assistants who planned the 2017 event had fun sporting their 'Seeing Innovation'  t-shirts & decoder glasses.

Speakers from the 2017 Annual Networking Reception included: Lisa Fazzolari, Liz Brenner, and Shawn Kent Hayashi. Check out their bios on our 2017 event page.

During the 2017 Annual Networking Reception, guests participated in a game using decoder glasses to solve a word puzzle hidden on signs throughout the event.

Event Keynote Talks

Todd Corley shared "A Cautionary Tale about a Moose, Millenials, Leadership and Transparency" during the 2016 ANR.

Carla Cringle & Imogen Pudduck discussed "Collaboration as a Competitive Edge in Marketing & HR" during the 2016 ANR.

Shawn Kent Hayashi talk during the 2017 ANR was titled"Facing the Future: Creating a Culture of Innovation in Talent Management."

Liz Brenner discussed "Growing a Culture of Innovation: Small Changes for Big Impact" during the 2017 ANR.

Lisa Fazzolari shared on "Innovation at Warby Parker, it's in our Digital DNA" during the 2017 ANR.

During the 2016 ANR, Andy Ellwood shared with guests how "Technology is disrupting everything, including YOU."

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