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A Night of Networking & Learning

Each year, the Villanova Graduate HRD Program invites students, alumni, faculty and our local HR community to join us for a night of networking & learning.  To learn more about student events held throughout the year, visit our VUSHRM page here.  To see event information from some of our previous Annual Networking Receptions, click the year: 2016, 2017, 2018.  Click here to return to the main VUHRD event page.

The 2016 Event


Encouraged Collaboration.  Increased Flexibility. Changing Technology. Diverse Generations.

Tuesday, April 5 2016 | 5-9:30PM

The Villanova Room | Connelly Center | Villanova University

The 18th Annual Networking Reception for VUHRD was held on April 5, 2016.  The theme of the event, THE FUTURE OF WORK, explored how our work environments will change in the coming years through encouraged collaboration, increased flexibility, changing technology, and diversity of generations! The event featured a slate of dynamic, innovative speakers giving TED-style talks mixed with meaningful networking.

Keynote Speakers

Carla Cringle & Imogen Pudduck | "Collaboration for a Competitive Edge in Marketing & HR"

Carla & Imogen met at Red Bull when Carla was Head of HR and Imogen had just moved to head up the Brand team. They soon realized they both had the same mindset and a common goal: to build passion and loyalty of the company they worked in and get the best out of people.  As the founders of FizzPopBANG, a brand engagement company, Carla & Imogen now advise companies across all industries who are passionate about developing their brand and passionate about their people and who want to join them together to maximize business performance. They believe in the power of combining a strong brand (Fizz) with a nurtured culture of high performing people (Pop) to create amazing results (BANG) The perfect mix. It's as easy as Fizz+Pop=BANG! 

Visit the FizzPopBANG website.

Todd Corley | "A Cautionary Tale about a Moose, Millennials, Leadership & Transparency"

Todd Corley is the founder of The TAPO Institute, where he advises 

C-Suite executives and Senior Leadership Teams on how to engage talent, promote inclusive leadership and cultivate innovation. As the former SVP & Global Chief Diversity Officer for the iconic brand Abercrombie & Fitch, his new book, FITCH PATH: A Cautionary Tale About A Moose, Millennials, Leadership & Transparency, explores how millennials and iGens reshaped the self-conscious symbol of today's American youth, redefined the concept of "coolness," and forged cultural transformation. His unique insight allows him to critically examine the needs, wants and expectations of the emerging workforce majority and offer solutions to help prepare today's leaders and organizations for an inevitable reality. 

Visit Todd's website.

Breakout Speakers

Carol Hatton-Holmes | "Breaking Through the Gener8tional Barriers"

Carol Hatton-Holmes, CFCP, spent the first 20 years of her working life in Corporate America. Carol speaks & writes on generational topics that assist organizations in creating more effective work relationships, improving bottom line results & reducing turnover. 

Visit Carol's website.

Tera Hogan | "More Flexibility Leads to More Progress"

Tera is currently a Staffing & Recruiting Manager for Google. Tera currently manages a team of recruiters at Google who have a mission to reimagine the recruiting experience to impact Google's people, products and future.

Her team uses a flexible approach to help candidates reimagine their future at Google.
Connect with Tera on LinkedIn

Andy Ellwood | "Technology: Disrupting Everything Including You"

Andy Ellwood made a name for himself in technology with his caffeine fueled hustle. Having been a part of companies that failed miserably and a couple others that sold to Facebook and Google, Andy has a unique perspective on the highs and lows of digital entrepreneurship. Andy currently serves as President of Basket.  

Visit Andy's website.

2016 Sponsors

2016 Event Videos

Thank you to the VUHRD Graduate Assistants, Samantha Khan and Alex Miller, who created these videos that were shared during the VUHRDANR.


The first video kicked off the event and introduced the themes of encouraged collaboration, increased flexibility, changing technology, and diversity of generations to the audience.  

The second video closed out the event and sent guests away thinking about how they would impact the future of work.

2016 Schedule

5:00-6:00pm | Networking

6:00-6:15pm | Opening Remarks 

6:15-7:00pm | Keynote Presentation:  Imogen Pudduck & Carla Cringle

7:00-7:30pm | Networking

7:30-8:00pm | Breakout Sessions: Andy Ellwood, Carol Hatton-Holmes, or Tera Hogan

8:00-8:30pm | Networking

8:30-9:15pm | Keynote Presentation: Todd Corley

9:15-9:30pm | Closing Remarks 

2016 VUHRDANR Pictures

Andy Ellwood, Tera Hogen & Bethany Adams |
Tera joined the event via iPad Robot to network with guests after her breakout session.
During the event, guests' & speakers' added their ideas about the future of work to a mural on display.
VUHRD Graduate Assistants, Nick Kruger & Rita Snell, created a visual display of how our workspaces have changes over time.
Tera Hogan presenting virtually to guests from her office at Google in Austin, TX.
Red Bull graciously donated drinks for guests on behalf of Carla & Imogen, former Red Bull executives.
2016 ANR Hosts - Alex Miller, Patty VanKleef & Bethany Adams
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