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Villanova HR Tea Podcast


HR Tea is a podcast featuring interviews with HR Leaders, Researchers, Students, and Influencers. HR Tea takes trending topics and research in human resources, steeps them for 30 minutes or less and leaves you with fresh-brewed ideas on how to drive high-performing, inclusive organizations and create meaningful work experiences. HR Tea is brought to you by Villanova HRD, the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University.

What does curiosity have to do with people analytics? Is there a dark side to diversity and inclusion? Can human resources really make a difference in the lives of employees? How do these things relate? Find out in Season 1 of HR Tea (2019)

In Season 3 of HR Tea, we have a surprise for you... a new co-host! In this season, Bethany will be joined by Helynn Nelson, as they tackle episodes entirely focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Hear about intersectionality, mindfulness, parenting, political activism at work and so much more. (2021)

In season 2, we will challenge you to think differently about employee well-being and mental health, encourage you to authentically connect with your people, and provide you with strategies to bring in amazing untapped talent and support them in your organization, AND SO MUCH MORE! (2020)

In Season 4 of HR Tea, we have a new host! Dr. Larry Cozzens takes over this season with deep dives into the world and workplace post-Covid. With guests from all types of HR career paths, you won't be bored with the variety of conversation. From the great resignation to environmental impacts and sustainability, to everything in between, come find out why no one is gathering at the water coolers anymore! (2022)

About the hosts

Dr. Heather Cluley-Bar-Or will be hosting season 5 of HR Tea. Heather earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She has an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a BS in Public Health Education and Psychology. Heather has worked in various project management roles in health promotion and health care communications in public and private health care settings.

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Dr. Larry Cozzens hosted season 4 of HR Tea. He was a long time faculty member of Villanova HRD. He earned his Ph.D. in Human and Organization Development, an MS in Human Resource Development from Villanova University and a BS in Business Administration. Larry is an experienced learning and organization development professional with expertise in online learning and was formerly the Assistant Director of Academic Administration for the Villanova HRD program.  

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HR Tea seasons 1-3 were hosted by Bethany Adams, Associate Director of the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University.  Bethany’s work experience includes HR, training and development, OD & education. Bethany holds a BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University, a MA in Organizational Management from Dallas Baptist University, and her SHRM-SCP.  Bethany also serves as the Faculty Advisor for the Villanova SHRM Student Chapter. Bethany has a passion for HR and improving workplaces.  While she loves HR Tea, her many years at Starbucks made her a coffee drinker! 

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HR Tea season 3 was co-hosted by Helynn Nelson, People Consultant Manager at Google and Adjunct Faculty Member for Villanova HRD.  Helynn is a Human Resources professional committed to optimizing every employee’s contributions and development. Through the fair, equitable, transparent and ethical treatment of all employees, she delivers superb leadership at the speed of need and provide the required tools every employee/employer needs to perform at their best. Helynn holds an JD from Tulane University Law School and a BA   in English from Spelman College. Heylnn is also a Certified Sommelier.  She brings that "something a little bit stronger" to the podcast. 

Learn more about Helynn on the first episode of Season 3 and connect with her on LinkedIn here!

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