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Villanova HR Tea Podcast


HR Tea is a podcast featuring interviews with HR Leaders, Researchers, Students, and Influencers. HR Tea takes trending topics and research in human resources, steeps them for 30 minutes or less and leaves you with fresh-brewed ideas on how to drive high-performing, inclusive organizations and create meaningful work experiences. HR Tea is brought to you by Villanova HRD, the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University.

Season 4

Season Four: "What Happened to the Water Cooler?"

About the Season: In Season 4 of HR Tea, we have a new host! Dr. Larry Cozzens takes over this season with deep dives into the world and workplace post-Covid. With guests from all types of HR career paths, you won't be bored with the variety of conversation. From the great resignation to environmental impacts and sustainability, to everything in between, come find out why no one is gathering at the water coolers anymore! Season 4 launched in September, 2022. 

The Hosts: Season four is hosted by Dr. Larry Cozzens. Larry is an HRD faculty member with a passion for learning and organization development. Connect with Larry on LinkedIn.  

The Team: Season four was curated, edited, and produced by Jennifer Casalino, Tiana Drake, and Bethany Adams, and our host, Larry Cozzens. Jen and Tiana are Graduate Assistants in the Graduate Programs in HRD at Villanova University. 

About the Host:

Dr. Larry Cozzens hosted season 4 of HR Tea. He was a long time faculty member of Villanova HRD. He earned his Ph.D. in Human and Organization Development, an MS in Human Resource Development from Villanova University and a BS in Business Administration. Larry is an experienced learning and organization development professional with expertise in online learning and was formerly the Assistant Director of Academic Administration for the Villanova HRD program.  

Connect with Larry on LinkedIn

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HR Tea Season 4 Trailer

We are back with Season 4 of HR Tea! This season we have a new host joining HR Tea, Dr. Larry Cozzens, Villanova HRD Faculty Member. This season we will be tackling the post-pandemic world of work with topics like the great resignation, remote work, equity, and mental health. You will hear from HR leaders taking on the changes the pandemic has given us and shaping our future in HR for the better.



Managing Essential Workers during a Pandemic

In this episode hear from Susie Couture, Villanova HRD Alum and Senior Director of HR at Marborg Industries. Susie shares her thoughts on Covid and the workplace from the perspective of essential workers and the challenges that not having as much flexibility might have on a company.



COVIDs Impact on Women in the Workplace

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on women in the workplace. In this episode, Larry sat down with Terri Boyer, the Founding Director of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s leadership at Villanova, to discuss the impact of COVID on women specifically and what is needed to support women reentering the workplace post-pandemic.



Covid's Impact on Healthcare and Essential Workers 

In the final episode of this season, Larry sits down with Jessica Visserman, a 2015 HRD graduate and current CHRO of a large non-profit healthcare organization. Jessica shares her perspective on how Covid affected the workplace through the view of the health care space.



Meet Larry Cozzens

In this episode Bethany will introduce you to Dr. Larry Cozzens, this season’s new host. Hear about Larry’s career in HR and his passion for learning, development, and technology. His passions are the perfect lead into Season 4.



COVID's Impact on Business and Hiring

Every business owner has had to change their thinking on hiring and business management post-pandemic. In this episode, Larry sits down with Marcia O’Connor, a Villanova HRD alum, CEO and Founder of the O’Connor Group. Marcia shares her perspectives on COVID and the workplace as a business owner.



Talent Development & Covid

In this episode, Larry is joined by a familiar voice- Carlos Escobar! Carlos works as a Strategic Process Manager at H-E-B. He will offer up his perspective on Covid and the workplace through the lens of talent development and strategy. 



How Organizations Have Changed from COVID

Organizations have been through massive changes due to COVID. In this episode, Larry sat down with Tricia Steege, an organizational change expert, to discuss how remote and hybrid environments have changed the way of work forever.



Discussing the “Great Resignation” with Keith Black

Thousands of businesses are currently dealing with the loss of workers through “The Great Resignation.” In this episode, Larry and Keith Black, a Villanova HRD alum and current HRD faculty member, discuss how “The Great Resignation” is changing the landscape for hiring post-COVID.



Leaders & The Pandemic 

In this episode, Tom Tonkin will sit down with Larry to discuss authenticity and sincerity as a leader and how that relates to the many changes to the workplace due to Covid. With a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership and a long career in different roles, Tom has a lot of knowledge to share!

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