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September 29, 2016

Last year's 2016 HRD Annual Networking Reception focused on THE FUTURE OF WORK.  The event challenged guests to explore how work environments will change in the coming years through encouraged collaboration, increased flexibility, changing technology, and generational diversity! The evening featured a slate of dynamic, innovative speakers, including Imogen Pudduck, Carla Cringle, Todd Corley, Andy Ellwood, Carol Hatton-Holmes and Tera Hogan. Their talks were mixed with meaningful networking to engage guests to share their own thoughts that would ignite the future of work.  Check out these two videos, created by former HRD Graduate Assistants, Samantha Khan and Alex Miller, that started and concluded the evening.


This video kicked off the event and introduced guests to the themes that would be explored!

 This video concluded the event and sent guests away with a call to action to change the future of work!

 We hope you will join us next year for the 2017 Annual Networking Reception on Tuesday, March 21st!  Stay tuned to the HRD Blog for the theme and speaker announcements coming soon!



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