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HR Tea Season 3 | A deep dive into diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

The #VillanovaHRTea Season 3 Trailer is now live on Google Podcasts and iTunes!

In our third season of HR Tea, we have a surprise for you... a new co-host! In this season, Bethany will be joined by Helynn Nelson, People Consultant at Google, Former Litigator, Villanova HRD Adjunct Faculty Member, and certified Sommelier. Helynn has a passion for DEI work and will bring her passion and expertise to our season.

Season 3 we will focus entirely on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this season, we will dive into topics like political activism in the workplace, allyship, intersectionality, mindfulness, parenting, and so many more. You will hear from DEI experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds. We are SO EXCITED to share this content with you! Find a sneak peak of the episodes in the trailer, available now. The theme for season three is "Tackling DEI."

For those of you new to HR Tea, our podcast is for any HR or business professional who is passionate about improving their organization and creating more meaningful work for their employees! Each episode steeps for 30 minutes or less and features interviews with HR Leaders, Researchers, Students, and Influencers on trending topics in human resources. And just like our previous seasons, HR Tea is certified by SHRM for recertification credits just for listening! Season 3 of HR Tea is approved for 3 SHRM recertification credits for those that listen to the full season.


Season 3 of HR TEA is approved by SHRM for 3 recertification credits! Listen to the full season and earn SHRM recertification credits for free!


Season 3 is produced by our hosts, Bethany Adams and Helynn Nelson, and two of our Villanova HRD Graduate Assistants, Jennie Killebrew and Simon Song. The #VillanovaHRTea Season 3 Trailer is available now and the full episodes will be released March-May 2021. Here is a list of the episodes to come:

  1. Meet Helynn Nelson | Season 3 we are adding a new co-host, Helynn Nelson, People Consultant at Google, Former Litigator, Villanova HRD Adjunct Faculty Member, and certified Sommelier. In this episode we will introduce Helynn and hear about her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations, our theme for this season.

  2. Understanding Intersectionality | In this episode, you will meet Evan Thornburg, Health Equity Special Advisor for the City of Philadelphia. Evan will share why intersectionality is more than just a buzz word for DEI efforts. If we are truly going to build more inclusive cultures, we need to talk about inclusion holistically and remember that our employees bring more than a singular experience into the workplace.

  3. Reflect + Renew | In this episode, join the Founders of Reflect + Renew Mindfulness, Aeva Gaymon-Doomes and Karinn Glover, for a conversation on the importance of deconstructing our beliefs and norms about diversity and racism to move toward a more inclusive environment for the future. Aeva and Karinn will challenge you to rethink mindfulness and its place in DEI conversations.

  4. Political Activism in the Workplace | Do you think there is a place for employees’ political activism in organizations? Do you think organizations have a responsibility to be involved in political conversations? In this episode, Kyle Ali, Talent Development Lead and Former Global Head of the Black Googlers' Network, will join us to discuss these questions and so much more around DEI and his work at Google.

  5. Lessons on DEI & Parenting from 2020 | In this episode, Helynn and Bethany sit down with Traci Bermiss, Global D&I Leader at IBM and Board Member of Partners in Parenting (PIP), an Austin-based non-profit focused on supporting the well-being of new parents. Traci will share her experience in both DEI and PIP and how both have been impacted by the events of 2020.

  6. Blacks in IO Psychology | Join the co-founders of Blacks in I/O, Shavonne Holman and Macy Cheeks for a conversation about the importance of bringing diversity into industrial and organizational psychology research. Shavonne and Macy are challenging organizations, institutions, and academia to diversify their research to be more representative of the workforce of the future.

  7. Strategic DEI, what is that really? | Is your organization having conversations about DEI? What do they entail: hiring initiatives, unconscious bias training, inclusive holidays? These are great, but they do not address the structural issues that hold back DEI efforts. Join Todd Corley, Global DEI Expert, on this episode as we discuss the foundational changes needed in strategy if we are truly going to move toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for our organizations.

HR Tea is available on both iTunes and Google Podcasts! Episodes will drop every two weeks so subscribe to be the first to hear when new episodes are available. If you love HR Tea, please share this podcast with your HR colleagues and friends. No matter what you are drinking, whether coffee, tea, or something a little bit stronger, we hope each episode will leave you with fresh-brewed ideas to help make work better for all of us!



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