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Messages of Positivity & Hope from the Villanova HRD Community

Hi Villanova HRD Community! We know this is a crazy and unprecedented time we are all experiencing right now. Each of us is being impacted in different ways, but the constant is that none of us are experiencing the Spring semester we had planned.

Thank you to all our of our students, alumni, and faculty who are first responders and on the front lines helping to keep us all safe and healthy during this COVID19 crisis. You are the true heroes!

Thank you to our faculty and staff who are working to provide resources and make adjustments so our students can continue to be successful in their classes. We are all going to get through this together!

We wanted to take a moment to share some messages of hope and positivity with the Villanova HRD Community. Here are some ways we are staying positive and productive during this time.


Villanova HRD Associate Director, Bethany Adams, made herself a home office, is working on "mental distancing" and is spending quality time with her boyfriend and cat, @CharlieBCat.


Villanova HRD Graduate Assistant, Jennie Killebrew, is sticking to a routine and trying to do some of the normal things she always would, like taking her dog, Max, to the park.


Villanova HRD Graduate Assistant, Brittany Chapman, is keeping busy by keeping up with her readings for her classes and staying active by running and bike riding.


Villanova HRD Director, Gerry Brandon, is finding new time to play with Kira, his German Shepard, and enjoy togetherness with his wife, Trish. He is also finding appreciation for the nature blooming around us that we don't often get to enjoy.


We would love to hear from more of the Villanova HRD Community. Comment below on how you are staying positive, healthy, and sane during this time.

If you would like send us your video message and be featured on our social media channels, email us at and we will send you the details! Until we are together again in real life...

Everyone stay positive, stay healthy, and GO NOVA!

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