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Technology to Improve Employee Recognition & Engagement | VUSHRM Event | Dave Mazeffa, Globoforc

Last night, VUSHRM hosted a professional development event that featured Dave Mazeffa, a specialist from Globoforce. Globoforce is a leader in employee recognition that creates employee engagement, retention and corporate culture solutions for clients. During the event, Dave shared his knowledge on social recognition and challenged students to identify ways to effectively recognize others that would promote engagement within an organization.

Globoforce has recognized the opportunity that exists to drive performance by increasing employee engagement. They have developed technology that allows recognition from peers or direct reports through messages and videos. The technology includes a point system and can tie into performance management within different organizations.

Here are some of the VUSHRM student thoughts and learning from the event:


Dave urged us to see engagement as an investment. Those who are repeatedly recognized are more likely to be engaged. Engaged employees are 10 times less likely to look for a new job. It's amazing what people can do with just a little bit of appreciation. And when it comes to recognition, let employees pick their trophies so that their efforts carry relevant meaning.

-Rita Snell, VUHRD Graduate Assistant


It always amazes me how people are engaged at work - only 50% of the workforce! It's so incredibly important to invest in improving that percentage, both for cost saving for the company and to make work better for employees!

-Hannah Parker Carver, VUHRD Graduate Assistant


I was reminded of the importance of recognizing the little things. I learned that the delivery of praise can be just as critical as the item given for recognition. I like the human aspect that Globoforce brings into the work place.

-Liz Luong, VUHRD Graduate Student


I thought Dave's presentation was really insightful and interesting. I think employee engagement is one of the most critical issues facing HR today that often gets overlooked but can have a significant impact on an organization's bottom line when made a priority. I love that new technologies are being created to enhance the field of HR. Globoforce's specific technology platform assists in embedding engagement and social recognition within the culture. HR leaders have to emphasize the importance of employee engagement so their workers find meaning, purpose and passion in what they do.

--Emma Edoga, VUHRD Graduate Assistant

To learn more about Globoforce and Dave Mazeffa, check out their website here. To learn about more VUSHRM student events, check out their event website here.

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