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Oh, What a Night! #VUHRDANR #SeeingInnovation

As I wrote the title for this post, the Frankie Valli song was running through my head. Oh, what a night the #VUHRDANR was! Last night was full of great networking, learning, innovation and FUN! If you weren't able to attend the event or tune into the live stream, you definitely missed out. But don't worry, the speaker talks will all be available on the VillanovaHRD YouTube Channel in the next few weeks!

Here are the videos created by the VUHRD Graduate Assistants that were shared during the event:


This video opened the program to get guests thinking about innovation and what that means for the culture of an organization.


This video was played to help guests think about questions to ask our speakers during the Q&A portion of the evening and to spark discussion during networking time.


This video closed out the event and contained the quote that was part of a game guests played during the evening.


Here are some pictures snapped by guests during the event!

Guests, including Dr. David Bush, the Founding Director of VUHRD, stopping for a photo op with their decoder glasses! Nice use of the selfie stick!


Our speakers for the event, Lisa Fazzolari from Warby Parker, Liz Brenner from SAP, and Shawn Kent Hayashi from The Professional Development Group.


Our hosts for the evening, Hallie Thompson and TJ Brown, welcoming guests to the event! Check out the VillanovaHRD Instagram page to see TJ getting our guests to do the wave! Who says professional networking events are boring? Not the #VUHRDANR!


The winners of our prizes from the game guests played with their decoder glasses during the event. Winners took home a Jay Wright signed 2016 Villanova Championship Basketball and a basket with four books by our speaker, Shawn Kent Hayashi! Way to use those decoding skills!


Our speakers answering questions from the audience on how to create a culture of innovation.


Clockwise: Our GAs posing with their decoder glasses; Assistant Director, Dr. Larry Cozzens taking a selfie in his decoder glasses; Me and two of our GAs, Rita Snell and Hannah Parker in matching outfits for the evening; Two current VUHRD Students, Liz Luong and Lena Sikod, stopping for a picture after the event.


Oh, what a night is right! It was a wonderful evening! Stay tuned to the blog for the videos of the speaker talks and for more pictures from the event!


Bethany J. Adams, MA is an Assistant Director in the Graduate HRD program at Villanova University. Learn more about her here!

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