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Classroom Spotlight | HRD 8899: HR in Healthcare (1-credit)

This summer VUHRD is launching a new one credit course in HR in Healthcare. There are close to 17 million healthcare employees in the United States. Philadelphia is recognized as a healthcare hub, with 5 medical schools and healthcare facilities ranked among the best in the US. So, the area around Villanova services a worldwide population with thousands of physicians, nurses, technical and service personnel. Finally, Pennsylvania has the 5th highest aging population making healthcare a growing segment of the workforce and therefore great needs in the area of healthcare HR.

Healthcare professionals provide a service to individuals when they are most vulnerable. Special people work in healthcare; they must be both sensitive and technical at the same time. With that background, HR in healthcare has its challenges, and the need for planning and placement are substantial. It also has challenges surrounding diversity, workforce engagement, and labor relations--all of which will be touched upon in this workshop.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will produce not only knowledge of HR in healthcare, but will have real experiences in the interactions with their fellow students.

Having spent over 30 years in healthcare HR, it is exciting to take that experience and share it with a group of students who share that interest. I look forward to tailoring the class based on the interests of the students and their individual roles and goals.

This summer's HR in Healthcare workshop is scheduled on Friday, June 16th from 6-9pm & Saturday, June 17th from 9-5pm. If you are interested in registering for the workshop, please contact the HRD office at!


Joseph Micucci is an adjunct professor in the Graduate HRD program at Villanova University, and the Associate Executive Director of the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor. Learn more about him and connected on LinkedIn!

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