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#VUHRDConversations | The Scholarship Process

Have you ever considered applying for an HR specific scholarship to help fund your graduate education?

In this segment of #VUHRDConversations, we feature Emma Edoga, VUHRD Graduate Assistant and recent GVFHRA, Michael R. Losey Scholarship Winner. This award is available to students who are committed to pursuing a career in human resources and show strong academic ability with early engagement and accomplishments in human resource related areas.

Emma Edoga rose above the rest of the graduate applicants, winning the $3,500 scholarship. In this months #VUHRDConversations, Emma goes through some of the details about where to find scholarship opportunities, and the application process. She also shares her experience with applying, and why she finds the opportunities so valuable.

Check out what Emma has to share in video below, and connect with her here!


For more scholarship opportunities for HR students, check out these HR association chapter websites or reach out to your own local HR association:

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