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HR Tea Season 2 | We are back!

The #HRTea Season 2 Trailer is now live on Google Play and iTunes!

In our second season of HR Tea, we will challenge you to think differently about employee well-being and mental health, encourage you to authentically connect with your people, and provide you with strategies to bring in amazing untapped talent and support them in your organization, AND SO MUCH MORE! The theme of Season Two is "Think Differently."

For those of you new to HR Tea, our podcast is for any HR or business professional who is passionate about improving their organization and creating more meaningful work for their employees! Each episode steeps for 30 minutes or less and features interviews with HR Leaders, Researchers, Students, and Influencers on trending topics in human resources.

In our final episode of Season 1, we shared that HR Tea is now certified by SHRM for recertification credits. That’s right! Just for listening on your commute to work or your walk at lunch, you can earn valuable recertification credits and gain insights on how to drive high-performing, inclusive organizations and create meaningful work experiences!


HR TEA is now certified by SHRM for recertification credits! Listening to the entire second season will earn you 3 recertification credits!


HR Tea is hosted by Bethany Adams, Associate Director in Villanova HRD! Season 2 was produced by Bethany and two of our Villanova HRD Graduate Assistants, Jennie Killebrew and Brittany Chapman.

The #HRTea Season 2 Trailer is available now and the full episodes will be released beginning in January 2020.

Here is a list of the episodes to come:

  1. HR on Purpose!! | To kick off Season 2, Bethany has a conversation about practicing HR on Purpose with one of the most enthusiastic and genuine HR leaders you may ever meet, Steve Browne, VP of HR at LaRosa’s Pizzeria & SHRM National Board Member!!

  2. Worker Well-BEEing | Hear from IO Psychologists Patricia Grabarek and Katina Sawyer, CoFounders of WorkrBeeing, on how science can help you build a happier and healthier work environment for your hive.

  3. Mental Health at Work, Let’s Talk About It | 17 billion dollars of productivity is lost each year in the US for unaddressed mental health conditions, but we rarely talk about it. Kelly Greenwood, founder of MindShare Partners, is changing the culture of workplace mental health so both employees and organizations can thrive.

  4. Hiring Heroes | There are 19 million men and women veterans in the US who will bring a unique and valuable set of skills to your workplace. Hear from Jim Banks, General Counsel for SHRM, a veteran, and an advocate for veteran hiring on how to recruit, retain and support veterans in your organization.

  5. The Power of Play to Spark Inclusion | In this episode, Blair Bloomston of Game On Nation, will share how childhood playground dynamics can provide us the right “rules of the game” for workplace inclusion.

  6. Insights from 40 years of I/O Psychology Research | In this episode, you will hear from Dr. Rick Jacobs, an I/O Psychologist who has 40 years of research and consulting experience in HR. Rick will share stories of how he has seen our workplaces change and how those changes have led to ever complicated challenges in HR and research.

  7. Wearable Technology at Work | How can wearable technology improve employee engagement? Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze will discuss the wearable technology his company has created that is improving work environments by giving insights to drive productivity and increase engagement.

  8. Fizz Pop Bang | Have you ever considered how your internal employee experience impacts your external brand? In our final episode of Season 2, Imogen Puddock and Carla Cringle, Cofounders of FizzPopBang, will share how their business helps organizations link employee engagement to brand engagement

HR Tea is available on both iTunes and Google Play! Episodes will drop every two weeks so subscribe to be the first to hear when new episodes are available. If you love HR Tea, please share this podcast with your HR colleagues and friends. No matter what you are drinking, whether coffee, tea, or something a little bit stronger, we hope each episode will leave you with fresh-brewed ideas to help make work better for all of us!



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