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Student Spotlight | Cameron Kenworthy | #VUHRDStory

Hi all!

My name is Cameron Kenworthy, and I am a current Graduate Assistant and second-year student in the Villanova HRD Program! I'm originally from Hagerstown, Maryland and moved to Philadelphia to pursue my undergraduate education at St. Joseph's University in Psychology. I currently live in Manayunk, Philadelphia with my girlfriend, Rachel, and beagle puppy, Finnley.

I chose human resources as my career field out of this innate need to always help others. I didn't grow up in the most "normal" of circumstances -- my dad was a funeral director, and I spent my childhood years living and growing up in a funeral home. Every day he'd wake up before sunrise and go out of his way to comfort families at their most dire time of need. I saw how he was able to mend together families and bring people together even in the saddest of times. I saw a need within the business world in which businesses need to be a bit more "human," and took that as my own personal calling to help people in their own organization to feel valued, respected, and comfortable at work.


Fostering a workplace environment in which people feel accepted, respected, and comfortable to be themselves is a part of my own personal goals, which have aligned with the curriculum and values that Villanova University’s HRD Program offers. - Cameron Kenworthy, VUHRD Graduate Student


Villanova has helped me immensely in understanding the structures of organizations, how HR can get a “seat at the table,” and how we can work to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace through evidence-based HR. As a Graduate Assistant, I’ve enjoyed learning how to research niche topics of HR for the professor’s and faculty’s research, connecting with students, and acting as a liaison between faculty and students. I would highly recommend the program to any upcoming HR professional who truly wants to make an impact on the business world, as I’ve come to learn so much about meaningful work, inclusive organizations, and evidence-based HR.


Cameron Kenworthy is a student in the HRD Program and a second-year Graduate Assistant. Connect with her here!

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