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Worker Well-BEEing with WorkrBeeing | #HRTea

In our newest episode of #HRTea you will hear from Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Patricia Grabarek and Katina Sawyer, CoFounders of WorkrBeeing. The newest episode is available now on iTunes and Google Play!

How appropriate that WorkrBeeing regularly posts pictures of tea. They were destined to be included in an HR Tea podcast episode!

Patricia and Katina started WorkrBeeing to bring science on how to build happier and healthier work environments to HR professionals and leaders who were interested in employee wellbeing. (BEE prepared for quite a few BEE related puns in this episode.)

Their goal with WorkrBeeing, a blog, podcast, and consulting resource, is to bring together the research on wellness, health, happiness, and productivity, in a way that is easy to digest for the average person. They have created a resource that empowers employees to take control of their own wellbeing at work, while also educating managers and top level leaders on scientific research that can improve employee productivity by focusing on the human needs of our employees. Their research helps take the "sting" out of work. (I told you to BEE prepared.)


"I think we focus in on wellness programs that are buzzy, like offering yoga at work, which is fun and can have a lot of benefits. But, the simple solutions really matter more. If you offer yoga, but have no support at work, that's not going to help the problem. There is this misconception that we need to focus on wellness in terms of the products that exist in the space, and we aren't thinking about the simple things to make a structure, a culture, and an environment where people feel comfortable."

--Patricia Grabarek, Ph.D.


After you listen, be sure to connect with Patricia, Katina, and WorkrBeeing:

As always, we would love to hear what you thought of the episode and how you plan to incorporate some of your ideas into your organization or own life. Share your thoughts here or through social media using #HRTea.

(And while WorkrBeeing might regularly share photos of gorgeous tea drinks on their instagram, we just want to note that Katina and Patricia are clearly coffee drinkers, too!)


Photo Credit: @WorkrBeeing

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