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6 Skills You Need to Boost Your HR Career

Having the opportunity to take courses on Human Resources Development topics is greatly beneficial in connecting a student’s desire to work as an HR professional and the skills needed to be successful in that career. Villanova’s Graduate Program in HRD is highly esteemed in taking classic HR topics and presenting them to students in a way where they can take what they have learned and use it strategically in their organizations and in their future roles. Heather Gelting, an adjunct professor who will be teaching HR management courses at the Villanova College of Professional Studies, along with other faculty members, felt that implementing an HR program at the undergraduate level would bring greater opportunity to advance the success of future HR professionals through these tailored courses.

That’s why they created a new undergraduate major in Human Resource Management within CPS’ Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies — just launched this Spring 2022 semester — designed specifically for adult students seeking to earn or complete their bachelor’s degree who have an interest in HR and a goal of career advancement. Additionally, students in the human resource management major have the ability to continue on into a combined bachelor’s/master’s in Human Resource Management where a number of prerequisite courses will be waived.

"Students who find HR appealing and have some of the skills in place already — they’re really going to have limitless potential for their career with a Villanova degree behind them and on their resume in the workplace." - Heather Gelting

The new HRM major within CPS will cover several key facets of Human Resources, organized by six overarching themes and principles – communication, business acumen, strategic planning, critical evaluation, rules and regulations, and employee engagement. As the HR field transitions from a mostly transactional role to a more strategic and business-driven position, HR professionals need to understand how these six concepts are intertwined and connected to their jobs. Through these courses and the successful completion of the HRM major, students will be trained around these core ideals and will be able to use them in their careers or take them with them and join the HRD Graduate Program with a solid base of knowledge to help them make that jump.


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