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HRD Alumni Spotlight | Jennifer Casalino | #VUHRDStory

In HR, we are always focused on people - whether that be employees, employers, other HR professionals - and how to make their work experiences better. At Villanova, the HRD program does the same. Our students, the people, are the backbone of our program. Our students come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences, many of which enhance and influence their experience in the program and in their careers in HR. The goal of our student spotlight series is to highlight those unique experiences and to hopefully bring our students together in ways other than strictly through classes.

Our first alumni spotlight of the year is Jennifer Casalino, a graduate of the MSHRD Class of 2023! Jennifer also worked as a Graduate Assistant in the HRD office for two years while she was enrolled in the program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am originally from Clark, NJ but recently moved to Chicago and have been loving it here! I graduated from Villanova with a Bachelor's in Economics before deciding that HR was the path for me.

What drove you to choose the Villanova HRD program?

Having already attended Villanova, I knew what a great school it was and felt that connection with the HRD program immediately. Becoming a Graduate Assistant for the HRD program was another factor in my decision to pursue my Master's here.

Tell us about your current job and role, or any past HR experience that you have.

I am currently a Project Coordinator on the Learning Strategy/Leadership Development team at United Airlines. In this role, I support several of our corporate leadership development programs - both in the "classroom" and in the curriculum development phase. I also have been helping to support the launch of a new LXP (learning experience platform) which has been really exciting! I also interned on this same time during my time in the HRD Program.

​How has your experience with the Villanova HRD program benefitted your career trajectory?

Joining the HRD program right out of undergrad gave me the chance to figure out what parts of HR I felt the most driven to while also giving me that foundational knowledge that I needed to get out into the workforce and land a job that I really love. The network is also a huge plus - I've been provided many awesome opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. Plus I've made some wonderful friends there along the way!

What was your favorite course in the program and why? Or what course had the most significant impact on your career and why?

The Training and Development course has of course had a significant impact in my current role and I find myself using things I learned there in my day-to-day work. My favorite course would probably be Employment Law. It was challenging but so interesting! And who knows, maybe law school is something I'd consider down the line.


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