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Are you ready for it... LEVEL UP HR 2024 is here!

Every year the Villanova HRD Program and the VU SHRM Student Chapter co-host the Level Up HR conference.

The theme of the 2024 Level Up HR conference is “Dare to Be Different: Data, Diversity, & Development.”  To elevate your organization and career we dare you to think differently about how you infuse data, elevate diversity, and focus on development. 


This year’s conference will feature talks focused across three areas:

1.  technology and data analytics

2.  diversity, equity & inclusion

3.  career growth and development


Here are some of the amazing speakers and sessions you can expect at Level Up HR 2024 on April 3rd and 4th.


Technology & Data Analytics

Elevating HR with Analytics

John Barry, CEO HR Bench, Inc.

New advances in technology are enabling data consolidation amongst disparate HR systems.  Companies now have access to HR data and metrics that can help them make strategic decisions.  John Barry will explore some of the latest technologies in People Analytics and explain how you can use these tools to make data-based decisions.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Disrupt HR: How Tech is Rebooting the Workplace with Empathy, Efficiency & Effectiveness

Expert Panel from Google:

Helynn Nelson, People Manager & Villanova HRD Faculty; Ada-Renee Johnson, People Operations & Change Strategy Expert; Phillip Gray, People Consultant Manager; Danielle Blount Bridewell, Equity Business Advisor

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, HR professionals are faced with the challenge of balancing the human element with the need for efficiency and effectiveness. This seminar explores three key pillars of HR management: empathy, efficiency, and effectiveness, and their role shaping a successful HR strategy.




The New Science of Interviewing

Anna Papalia, CEO & Author of Interviewology

Job interviews determine the future of individuals and companies, so why don’t we have a common language to discuss and understand them?  In our opening keynote, hear Anna Papalia, author of Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing, share her research on how we interview and the solution she found: a standardized language that helps those on both sides of the table to name and understand their unique interviewing tendencies.  In this session Papalia will share her own inspiring story of how an interview changed her life and give examples from her own clients with practical and pragmatic tips to help us solve the interviewing problem.  This is the session that job seekers and hiring managers alike need in 2024!


To see the full list of speakers, sessions, and schedule, check out the event website. Tell your colleagues, friends, and fellow HR professionals. All are welcome! Get ready for it! Register today!


Be sure to check our socials for updates on Level Up HR 24!

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Twitter: @Villanovahrd


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