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Strategic DEI, what is that really? | #VillanovaHRTea

Is your organization having conversations about DEI? What do they entail: hiring initiatives, unconscious bias training, inclusive holidays? These are great, but they do not address the structural issues that hold back DEI efforts. Join Todd Corley, a DEI Global Expert, and Senior VP of Inclusion & Sustainability at Carhartt, on this episode as we discuss the foundational changes needed in strategy if we are truly going to move toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for our organizations. Check out this new episode of #VillanovaHRtea available now on iTunes and Google Podcasts!


“The truth of the matter is [if] a company's true value has been shown, has been talked about, [has been] promoted on social media about a best place to work [and the companies are] really conscious about social connectedness [and] community supporting the movements [that] are authentically seen, those are the companies that are going to far far outdistance the other ones. So I would say if organizations are not thinking about that, they should start to figure out how to pack their boxes and shut down."

--Todd Corley

Senior Vice President, Inclusion & Sustainability at Carhartt



After you listen to the episode, connect with Todd and check out some of the work that he has done in fostering an inclusive workplace environment along with many other diversity initiatives and programs that he helped pioneer.


This was our last episode of HR Tea Season 3. The SHRM recertification code for Season 3 is available at the end of this episode for those that have listened to the full season. Stay tuned to the blog or social media to not miss the launch of Season 4 next year. Give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram @VillanovaHRtea! As always, we would love to hear what you thought of this episode and how you plan to incorporate your ideas into your organization or own life. Share your thoughts here or through social media using #VillanovaHRTea.



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