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Student Spotlight | Tyra Johnson | #VUHRDStory

In HR, we are always focused on people - whether that be employees, employers, other HR professionals - and how to make their work experiences better. At Villanova, the HRD program does the same. Our students, the people, are the backbone of our program. Our students come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences, many of which enhance and influence their experience in the program and in their careers in HR. The goal of our student spotlight series is to highlight those unique experiences and to hopefully bring our students together in ways other than strictly through classes.

Our student spotlight today is Tyra Johnson, a first-year student in the MSHRD program!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, beautiful people! My name is Tyra Johnson. I recently graduated from Illinois College with a B.A in Human resource management and Communication rhetorical studies. As a recent graduate, I want to gain more knowledge about HR and meet incredible people to further my potential career in DEI training and development. However, outside of professional life, I love dogs (Pitbulls are my favorite) and enjoy everything creative. I am a poet and big on self-expression through writing, clothing, music, and dance.

What drove you to choose the Villanova HRD program?

I chose Villanova’s HRD program because they offer a Diversity and inclusion Strategy certification, and the faculty aligned with my values and goals as a future HR Professional.

Tell us about your current job and role, or any past HR experience that you have.

I am currently a Graduate Assistant( GA) for the program. However, I have experience creating and conducting training, onboarding, and employee engagement through HR internships and on-campus leadership positions.

​How do you hope the Villanova HRD program will benefit your career trajectory?

I hope the program provides me with the best educational experience and networking opportunities to assist in my professional career after Graduate school. I hope to learn not only from faculty but students as well.

What has been your favorite course in the program and why? Or what course are you most looking forward to taking and why?

I am most looking forward to Employment Law because I enjoyed Business Law in my undergraduate experience. Also, I hope to find a similar spark with Employment Law as I did with HR to give me more reason to attend Law school or obtain my certification in Employment Law.


Tyra Johnson is a Graduate Student in the MSHRD program at Villanova University. She is also a Graduate Assistant for the program. Connect with Tyra here!


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