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Introducing the #VUHRD Research Spotlight Series - Coming soon to a blog near you!

This summer, #VUHRD is launching our new Research Spotlight Series on the blog to showcase our faculty's research! Each Research Spotlight Series will focus on one area of #VUHRD faculty research by diving deeper into a published article, highlighting current HR topics and trends, and discussing how this research is relevant to HR practitioners right now.

For each Research Spotlight, we will publish a series of blog posts:

  • A brief, digestible summary of the research article

  • A #VUHRDConversations video where the researchers discuss the piece

  • An example of the research being utilized in the "real world"

  • A set of actions that practitioners can take to utilize the research ideas in the workplace

Our first two Research Spotlight Series will focus on research by Dr. Katina Sawyer and Dr. Christian Thoroughgood on the topics of gender non-conformity in the workplace, and evaluating the personality profiles of leaders.

Our first Research Spotlight Series will begin next Monday, July 10th! Be sure to comment and follow along. We would love to know what you think about the research and how it is applicable to your organization!

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