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#VUHRDConversations | Shea Rhodes, Villanova Director & Board Member of Dawn's Place

At this year's Annual Networking Reception, VUHRD is partnering with Dawn's Place, a local non-profit. Dawn's Place is a women's shelter that gives residence, rehabilitation, education, and healing to women recovering from sexual exploitation. During the event, guests will have an opportunity to create blankets and messages of hope for the women of Dawn's Place. This is in line with the theme of the event, Businesses Bettering the World | HR's Role in Corporate Social Responsibility. It is our hope that this opportunity will both raise awareness of these issues in our community and offer our guests a chance to support this cause.

In this episode of #VUHRDConversations, we introduce Shea Rhodes, one of the board members of Dawn's Place and a Director in the Villanova University School of Law. Shea discusses with us the mission of Dawn's Place and shares ways you can get involved. Check out the video to learn more about Dawn's Place. Come to the VUHRD Annual Networking Reception to get involved with our social impact project benefiting this great organization!

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