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Evidence-based HR... It's Science! | #HRTea

The final episode of Season 1 of #HRTea is finally available and we have some exciting news for our dedicated listeners. If you have been following along and listened to every episode of Season 1, you are eligible for 2.5 SHRM recertification credits. Details on how to get your credits are available in the final episode. As always, you can listen to the latest episode on both iTunes and Google Play!

In this final episode, Bethany sat down with our HRD Program Director to discuss evidence-based HR practices. We all are regularly sucked into the chatter of new trending HR practices, but in this episode, Gerry will caution against rushing into the latest trend without first examining the evidence that supports the success of that practice.


"One of the things that we know is, as human beings, we are imperfect information processors and we’re subject to all types of distortions and biases that we are not even aware of. Evidence-based management tools help to minimize those biases, they don’t eliminate them, but they help us examine organizational problems with a lot more clarity."

--Gerry Brandon, PhD, SHRM-SCP


After you listen, be sure to connect with Gerry and check out the resources he mentioned in the episode:

We would love to hear what you thought of this episode and season 1 of HR Tea and how you plan to incorporate some of your ideas into your organization or own life. Share your thoughts here or through social media using #HRTea.

Our season 2 Trailer will be available next month and season 2 will officially launch in January 2020. Thanks for listening! Cheers!


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