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Meet Helynn Nelson, new HR Tea Co-Host | #VillanovaHRTea

The first episode of our third season of #VillanovaHRtea has finally dropped on iTunes and Google Play and as we mentioned in our trailer we have a surprise for you... a new co-host! In this season, Bethany will be joined by Helynn Nelson, People Consultant at Google, Former Litigator, Villanova HRD Adjunct Faculty Member, and certified Sommelier. (You know when we say, "whatever you are drinking, coffee, tea, or something a little bit stronger..." we were saving the something stronger for our certified Sommelier!)

As we told you, Season 3 we will focus entirely on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this season, we will dive into topics like political activism in the workplace, allyship, intersectionality, mindfulness, parenting, and so many more. We can't wait for you to hear from our amazing lineup of interviews. But before we dive in, we want you to get to know Helynn, hear about her HR background and passion for DEI work. We are so excited to have her joining us for the season.


After you listen to the episode, connect with Helynn and check out some of the HR related resources we mention throughout the episode.

  • Connect with Helynn on LinkedIn or Instagram @Helynns.

  • Learn more about Laszlo Bock, the HR influencer Helynn and Bethany both rave about on the episode.

  • Check out Laszlo's book Work Rules that inspired some of Helynn's passion for HR work.

  • Look at Google Re:Work. A website of free HR resources curated by Google, Helynn's current employer.


Stay tuned to the blog or social media to not miss an episode. Give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram @VillanovaHRtea! As always, we would love to hear what you thought of this episode and how you plan to incorporate your ideas into your organization or own life. Share your thoughts here or through social media using #VillanovaHRtea.

Cheers! (Raise your wine glass this time!)


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