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Spotlight on December Graduates: Nicole Peters, '16 #VUHRDStory

My #VUHRDStory started 15 years ago, in the Fall of 2001. I was working in the Greater Philadelphia area as a Training Supervisor for a large healthcare company and I wanted to take my career to the next level. I had heard wonderful things about Villanova’s M.S. HRD program and was accepted into the campus program. About half way through my degree (2003) my family moved due to my husband’s obligations to the military. Unfortunately, the program was not offered online at the time and so I left my career and education behind. Fast forward quite a few years later, Spring of 2015, and I was finally in place where I could finish what I started all those years ago.

Going back and pursuing my Masters was difficult in the beginning. I had been out of the workforce for some time and this, combined with the fact that I had not taken a graduate level course in 15 years, left me unsure of myself and I experienced a lot of doubt in the beginning. However, I received tremendous support from my first class’s professor and my classmates were incredibly helpful. It was because of their help and support (along with my family), I slowly gained confidence. I am happy to say that I found much success with the program and will graduate this December (2016).

This program is also one of the reasons why I have been able to jump back in to the workforce seamlessly after opting out all those years ago and I am forever grateful. My dream has always been to teach at the college level and next Spring 2017 I will be teaching a 3 credit course in human resources at my local community college. I am forever grateful for the education and opportunity this program has afforded me.


Nicole Peters, PHR is a soon-to-be alum of the MS in HRD program at Villanova University, this December 2016. She currently runs her own HR consulting company, Nicole Peters Consulting. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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