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Executive Coaching... Micro-Learning at its Best

You might have learned about Micro-Learning fairly recently through DispruptHR. I’ve been coaching for a decade, and if you ask me, Coaching is micro-learning at its best!

Like micro-learning, coaching happens in small chunks of time where goals are established and typically managed over 6-9 months. We’ve been perfecting how coaching happens in organizations over the last twenty years. The uptake has been steady and effective and is generally used with high-potential executives.

A good definition for Executive Coaching is “a co-created process where coach and client partner on defining goals and working toward sustainable growth.” Coaches that do particularly well are skilled facilitators; they’re innovative, and they’re committed to a support and challenge approach that builds a trusted relationship.

Coaching is usually managed through the HR department in organizations. I often meet with the HR Business Partner before meeting a potential client. They provide background on the client, the organization, and the culture. When I meet with a potential client and they decide they want to make the commitment to coaching, I then often meet with the executive and their leader. It is important that the leader can further support the work that the client and I do together. This helps with continuity and sustainability.

I enjoy coaching individuals, teams, and groups (usually 10 individuals in an organization that come together to develop their leadership skills that are not part of an intact team). This variety keeps the work particularly interesting and allows for a lot of creativity.

Check back next month for another post by Janet on Executive Coaching!


Janet S. Steinwedel, PhD is an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate HRD program at Villanova University. She is also the President of Leader's Insight, an Executive Coaching and Leadership consultancy, and the author of The Golden Key to Executive Coaching. Learn more about her here!

Janet will be teaching a one-credit workshop in the VUHRD program this summer on July 14th and 15th. The course will help you learn more about how organizations are using coaches and how coaches are perfecting their craft and making a difference in the development of today’s leaders. If you are interested in registering for this course, please contact the VUHRD office at

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