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Congratulations, Dr. David Bush -- Professor Emeritus!

#VUHRD Founding Director, Dr. David Bush, was recently awarded Professor Emeritus status. Emeritus status is an honor given to professors to recognize a distinguished career. After 37 years at Villanova, Dr. Bush retired last Spring from the HRD program but remains active in his support of #VUHRD.

Dr. Bush earned a Masters in Psychology from the University of Wyoming and a PhD in Psychology from Purdue University. A respected teacher, researcher, consultant and speaker, David has over 30 years of experience working with change management in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to manufacturing and transportation. David founded the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development in 1980, and helped create the online program in 2010.

A major area of Dr. Bush's research has been utilizing HR metrics for talent management and organization change, and he has also published a compilation of his writings on metrics in The Handbook of HR Metrics. He has also worked with W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of the Goal and the Critical Chain, and has been certified by the Goldratt Institute.

Dr. Bush has worked on changing processes in healthcare, chemicals, telecommunication, and financial organizations and has developed teams, improved processes, and conducted benchmarking to improve innovation in major organizations such as Astra Zeneca, Merk, and GSK. Dr. Bush's work on human capital is directed at improving business relationships and employee retention.

In 2015, Dr. Bush was awarded the Blue Pearl Award in recognition of his 35 years of innovation, creativity, dedication, and leadership to Villanova University and the HRD program. In addition to his career and research, Dr. Bush has served as the director of the board on the SHRM foundation, and was president of Philly SHRM.

Congratulations on earning Professor Emeritus Status and your retirement, Dr. Bush! We are thankful for the legacy you've left behind and the dynamic program you created for #VUHRD!

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