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Lessons in how to go #ALLIN from #SHRM17

The theme for the week at #SHRM17 is going #ALLIN! #ALLIN is about taking our organizations and the HR profession to the next level. To do that, each of us must be ALL IN: All inspired! All invested! All included! All involved! All introspective! All innovative! All invigorated!

The learning from the sessions have been valuable. Here are just a few of our takeaways:


"I really enjoyed the session by Stacy Cook from FMP Consulting on Content Curation. One of the applications that stuck out to me from her talk was not organizing the material in your LMS by competency, but orienting it toward career development. She had a very interesting career map with assessments and progression through levels with a reflection and assessment at the end. I also had an opportunity to meet her and connect when she stopped by the #VUHRD booth in the Expo. I hope to collaborate with her in the future.

I also enjoyed the

session by Joe Urbanski, COO for Total Solutions Group (@joeurbanski). He taught us about the "learn, say, do, reflect" model for training that can make training a 'want to' not a 'need to'."

--Dr. Larry Cozzens, Assistant Director VUHRD


"The sessions and keynote talks have been amazing! Laszlo Bock (@LaszloBock2718) was inspiring, reminding us that by connecting people to meaning and mission you will see a profound impact in productivity. Patrick Lencioni's (@patricklencioni) enthusiasm that we have entered into the golden age of HR and it is our job to build teams that embody our core values was motivating. Also, Matt Mosser (@MattMosser), Chief Talent Officer at Gallup, shared some surprising stats on women and Millennials in the workplace during his session that left me thinking differently about how to design jobs for all employees."

--Bethany Adams, Assistant Director VUHRD


"In the session by David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute, he said it is not possible to reduce bias in individuals because it is not an awareness or motivation issue. Rather, you must focus on reducing bias in teams and processes."

--Dr. Gerry Brandon, Director of VUHRD


At the Expo this week, the #VUHRD team made some amazing connections in our booth. We were able to connect with tons of alumni and current students, including online graduate, Beth Lambrecht, and current online student, Kerrie Layde, as well as great connections with prospective students from around the globe!

The basketball competition was a blast. Our high scores for the week were Jordon Sanvictores with 57 and Hannah Berke with 48. Way to go!

What an amazing experience! The learning and connections made this week have been so valuable. We are already excited about next year! See you in Chicago at #SHRM18!

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