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#TBT | The Best of 2016-2017

August marks the beginning of a new academic year and a whole new year of blogging from the VUHRD Corner Blog. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end." (I am singing that last line; thank you, Semisonic!) A new year of blog posts, means a year of blogging coming to an end. Today's post moved to Thursday just so we could do a #TBT! (That's Throw Back Thursday for those not down with hashtag lingo.) Let's take a look at some of our most popular posts from 2016-2017...

10. The Biology Behind the Employee Experience

This post by VUHRD Graduate Assistant, Emma Edoga, explores the link between biology and the employee's experience in organizations.

9. VUHRD Conversations: A Conversation with Dr. Katina Sawyer

In one of our first #VUHRDConversation videos, Assistant Professor, Dr. Katina Sawyer, explained more about her research on "The Men Who Mentor Woman" in the workplace. To learn more about her research, watch her video and read her article from the Harvard Business Review. To see all the #VUHRDConversations, check them out here.

8. The Transparency of Compensation

VUHRD Compensation Faculty, Diane Lirio, gives us her opinion on a popular TED talk that pushed for more transparency in compensation, but Professor Lirio cautions us on this trend.

7. #VUHRD faculty, Keith Black, wins Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year Award

This post highlighted VUHRD Faculty, Keith Black, who took how the prestigious Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year award this year. Congrats, Keith!

6. What Motivates Millenials at Work

VUHRD Assistant Professor, Dr. Christian Thoroughgood, shared with us in this post, three needs that millenials need met at work to be engaged.

"Individuals tend to feel a sense of self-determination and inner drive to perform when three of their primary needs are satisfied at work: belongingness, self-esteem, and autonomy. Understanding these three needs for any Millennial employee is key to understanding what will naturally motivate them to perform within their job."

5. Work from Home Fridays - You shouldn't have to convince your boss

In this post, VUHRD Assistant Director, Bethany J. Adams, discussed why organizations should be making flexible work schedules the norm, rather than the exception. She also shared where she works on Fridays in the summer. A little beach time would keep anyone motivated, right?!

4. Have you heard of Disrupt HR?

Last year, VUHRD had the honor of sponsoring a local DisruptHR event in Philadelphia. Several faculty members and students shared their learning from the evening in this post.

3. What do the new FLSA Regulations mean for your organization?

Before the new FLSA regulations were halted in their tracks by a Federal Judge back in December, VUHRD Alumni, Greg Bauer, shared what the new regulations would mean for your organization. It is no wonder this post was well read, these new regulations meant big changes for employee classifications. Did your organization end up going forward with these changes? Share with us!

2. Student Spotlight | Layan Khalek | #VUHRDStory

In this, one of our many #VUHRDStory posts, we heard why Layan Khalek pursued her M.S. in HRD at Villanova. She shared some of the professors and staff that helped her along the way and the excitement she felt meeting her peers at graduation this year!

1. Oh, What a Night! #VUHRDANR #SeeingInnovation

It is no surprise this post made the top of the list! The VUHRD Annual Networking Reception is always a wonderful experience filled with networking and learning. This post recapped last year's event focused on seeing innovation and shared several videos that guests watched during the evening!

If you missed any of these, now's your chance to explore. We would also love to hear from you. Which posts were your favorite over the last year? What do you hope to see next year from the VUHRD Corner Blog?


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