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Applying Science to Build a Happy, Healthy Work Life |

Villanova HRD Assistant Professor, Dr. Katina Sawyer, and her colleague, Patricia Grabarek, just recently launched their new blog--! The goal of this collaborative project is to apply science to "help you build a happy, healthy work life for yourself, your teams, and your organizations!"

Katina and Patricia met in graduate school studying organizational psychology. They have both focused their studies and careers on figuring out what it takes to improve workplaces--how can workers feel passionate and excited about their work, but at the same time not feel stressed, unhealthy, or unhappy? Katina and Patricia's work focuses on how to create a healthy work environment while still turning a profit for the organization. The goal of their blog is to help you do just that! Here is a little more about Workr Beeing from their blog:

"We realized we could create a resource that empowered employees, managers, and top level leaders to take control of their own and others’ well-being at work, using cutting-edge scientific research. While most of us are workers in some capacity, we are also human beings. It’s not until we pay equal attention to both of these aspects of ourselves that we can be truly happy and fulfilled. Workr Beeing strives to help you create this balance. Our hive is for everyone who wants to decrease stress, increase wellness, feel more whole, and be a great employee."

How can you drive well-being for yourself or your organization? Check out their blog to learn more! Connect with Workr Beeing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pictures from this post are used with permission from the Workr Beeing Instagram page.

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