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An outlook on the VUSHRM Student Chapter!

Each semester the Villanova University SHRM chapter puts together a variety of events to engage, motivate and challenge our members as they develop in their HR careers. We provide multiple opportunities to attend philanthropic, social and professional events each school year. While we do repeat some of our favorite and most popular events each year, we are always looking for student and faculty input!

A few of my favorite events so far this semester have been the Diversity Panel Discussion, and Cradles to Crayons volunteer night. Let me tell you why!

Diversity has such a powerfully positive impact in workplaces that embrace it. It lends to new ideas, different perspectives, innovative practices, and a happier more productive workforce. Villanova SHRM is proud to be strong advocates of starting conversations around diversity at all levels of organizations, and promoting it wherever we can. Our diversity panel was hosted by two of our very own faculty members who have dedicated themselves to studying diversity in the workplace and the steps that HR professionals can take to make a positive impact. Dr. Katina Sawyer and Dr. Christian Thoroughgood shared their perspectives and insights while our group discussed our own experiences and asked questions. These events are always a powerful reminder of the steps we’ve taken towards improving workplace diversity, and how far we still have to go! As HR I really believe we have an incredibly large part to play, and I’m always proud to join with my fellow students in being the change drivers!

Our chapter has had the pleasure of partnering with Cradles to Crayons for a number of years now. Each time we get the opportunity to connect with a different area of their process: sorting donations, cleaning toys and shoes, picking outfits of clothes, putting together full packs of supplies for individual children, etc. Their organization makes the experience so fun and easy, while still giving you a powerful impression of how you’re making in the community and in a child’s life. We look forward to partnering with them for years to come!

Above all other events that Villanova SHRM participates in, I most look forward to our collaboration with the HRD department in helping to host our Annual Networking Reception. I am thrilled that this year we will be highlighting corporate social responsibility, both the impact that it has as well as how individuals and organizations can get involved in it at their own level. Grady Lee, owner and founder of the organization Give to Get, will be providing his insights and advice on the opportunities that are available for companies to incorporate CSR into their everyday business practices. The combination of great speakers, great food and great HR connections

makes this an event I look forward to attending each year! Register for the event here!

If you are an HR enthusiast who believes in the difference HR can make, both at work and in the world, reach out and join us at these events and more!


Hannah Parker Carver is Graduate Assistant in the Graduate HRD program at Villanova University. She serves as the Vice President of Membership and Development for VUSHRM. Learn more about her here!


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