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Throwback Thursday | VUHRD Graduation 2023 Recap!

The pictures from the 2023 Villanova HRD Graduate Reception are in! A big congratulations to all of our graduates! We are confident that these new #VUHRD alumni will continue to be HR leaders that drive change and make work meaningful!


Don't our grads look great in their academic regalia?

#VillanovaHRD is a family affair!

We love that our graduates bring their families to help celebrate their accomplishments!

The graduation reception is such a treat for our faculty, who get to meet many of their online students in person for the first time!

It's sad to see them go but so exciting to see what they are going to accomplish!

Some of our grads hit the VUSHRM shop one last time to get all their Villanova HRD swag!

Smiles are contagious on graduation day!

Our HRD faculty love to share in the joy of graduation day!

While graduation can be exhausting, we love that our graduates get to connect and talk about their #VUHRD journey!

Our 2022-2023 graduate assistants and VUSHRM officers! They will be so missed!

Big hugs for our grads! We are so proud!


Congratulations again to all of our #VillanovaHRD 2023 graduates!


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